Match gems to get attack points (skulls), mana (blue potion), health (I'll let you guess this) or food (Cheese).

You need attack points to attack (or your damaged will be reduced), mana to cast spells.

Check the STATS and SPELLS screens to understand what each stat does and how they influence the spells. Level up wisely.

It's quite hard, so plan your moves and always check your mana and attack points.

The 'Skip Turn' spell is quite useful.

Saving XP to spend on 'Turn' helps too as it makes you one turn faster.


Move with the left stick, cast spells with the face buttons


Move with WASD, press on screen buttons with the mouse (for the directional button to cast spells and the pause menu)


Currently there are no commercial plans to develop this further, but depending on how it fares on I might do more bug fixing and put it on Steam.



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